This is the power of grassroots 3D printing.

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This is the power of grassroots 3D printing.

Bob came into my 3D printshop with a few broken window hinges after a bad few storms. I sent them to @Russell_Hummerick as his first 3D print commission, he learned Solidworks over his time at our makerspace Kre8Now. They fit like butter after a first prototype was too weak from a one perimeter wall.

These particular hinges are nearly impossible to find as the design has been long abandoned for embedded window blinds and panes. I was surprised that they are each held in place due to the exact width of the glass and without any metal parts. I definitely prefer the modern day stuff though :slight_smile:

Imagine if there was someone like me, doing this for senior citizens and kids alike in every town. Just get out there and start making.

Happy memorial day y’all.

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This is what it is all about.