This is the next step in the evolution of integrated Linux (+ realtime) RepRap

This is the next step in the evolution of integrated Linux (+ realtime) RepRap control boards! The Revolve mainboard combines what would typically be a Raspberry Pi and a high-end Arduino-based RepRap mainboard into a single unit. Also, a new, larger MangaScreen!

My wishlist for this board is a system that allows unlimited extruders. I got an idea for a printer with tool changer. The tools will share one filament motor. But I still need regulate the temperature for each extruder. The board as is limits me to three extruders. That is too bad when that Prusa guy just made a system with five filaments.

I am thinking the solution is not to keep adding more inputs/outputs, but make an extension system, that can be chained for as many that you need.

As a big fan of the Duet ecosystem, I feel like Duet is the next big generation of control boards and accessories. Would there be any benefit of this over Duet? Seems like you would be compromising firmware features for cost?

I did at one point consider a Beaglebone/replicape and octoprint type setup but felt like the firmware wasn’t great. Reprap firmware and duet web control, in my opinion, is way nicer than any of the others I’ve tried.

Slicing on board is nice in theory if you have machines that need different settings and don’t like keeping track of all those settings on one pc but, slicing on a modest desktop is slow enough and I would not want have to do it on an SBC.

@Baldur_Norddahl Prusa’s system only uses one heater and it uses an auxiliary board to run the changing system. It’s possible Hyrel got it right with using the CANbus system.

Did I hear Elias correctly that he was hoping someone would step up and implement the 2130 driver features?