This is the front panel.

This is the front panel. Just a prototype at the moment as this not the final layout. Keep safe.

Could just be my poor memory, but, I was imagining industrial machines having the E-stop very separate from the other controls.

This is a mock up of the one I am making now:
The bottom right front panel, that is a keyed switch, everything else is pretty obvious to what it is.
missing/deleted image from Google+

You must have a poor memory Kyle Kerr. Our CNCs at work have there Estop right beside the start and power button.

What do your estop and stop buttons do? Cut all power for estop? And feed hold for stop? If so how do you wire an external feed hold button?

Feed Hold is part of the Motion Control Panel E-Stop cuts power to all drives and the spindle and the spindle has electronic braking that is activated if the E-stop is pressed. The stop button cuts all power and returns the machine to the ready state. If the E-stop is pressed the machine does not go until the fault is cleared and the reset button pressed. Cheers

@Kyle_Kerr 1 Machine can have many E-stop buttons.

So you are going to lose position if you use even the stop button, I am trying to work out a way to implement it on my tinyg machine with basically sending the ! So it does a nice ramp down and doesn’t loose steps not too worried about the time it takes to stop, I know it’s a feed hold or a functional stop not an estop.

@Paul_Shaw ​ What you refer to is located on the motion control panel. What I am showing here is the Machine Power control that precedes Machine Motion Panel.

You use grbl? Is there an input for feed hold is that how you do it?

@Paul_Shaw I don’t use grbl. To answer your previous question the machine does not lose position under stop or E-stop conditions. I hope to finish the control box over the next two weeks so you will see then. Cheers