This is rather strange.

This is rather strange. If I drag a gcode file into Chilipeppr, the 3d visualization becomes empty. Try it with this file for example. This one draws a circle.


G00 X 62.8952 Y 33.4635

G02 X 54.7472 Y 13.7925 I -27.8190 J 0.0000
G02 X 35.0762 Y 5.6444 I -19.6710 J 19.6710
G02 X 15.4052 Y 13.7925 I 0.0000 J 27.8190
G02 X 7.2571 Y 33.4635 I 19.6710 J 19.6710
G02 X 15.4052 Y 53.1345 I 27.8190 J 0.0000
G02 X 35.0762 Y 61.2825 I 19.6710 J -19.6710
G02 X 54.7472 Y 53.1345 I -0.0000 J -27.8191
G02 X 62.8952 Y 33.4635 I -19.6710 J -19.6710

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000

Ah, it appears to be a bug with chilipeppr visualizer. It doesn’t handle a space between X, Y and Z.

So: X 150 would cause it to crash but X150 would be allowed.

Yeah saw that bug recently. Tested all the tinyg test gcode files on github and none had spaces. Easy fix though.

Ok. ChiliPeppr now handles spaces after XYZABCIJKTS. Enjoy @Dat_Chu

Working on my machine right at the moment. Rejoice.  You sir is are awesome.