This is my halloween mask, running fastLED and marks' pallette - crossfade example.

(Jens Grundmark) #1

This is my halloween mask, running fastLED and marks’ pallette - crossfade example. I think i turned out quite well!

(allanGEE) #2

Nice job! That would have been extra impressive in the dark. How sturdy is the mask? I’ve seen vids of people who have used a coat of fiberglass resin on the inside to make it extra durable.

(Jens Grundmark) #3

Thanks! It’s made out of vinyl coated cartonboard (and lots of glue) so it’s quite rigid, but not very durable

(Marc Miller) #4

That metallic surface looks cool. Is this pepakura modeling or something else?

(allanGEE) #5

Apparently, the people making pepakura Halo helmets and such give them a coat of resin on the inside, let it cure, add a coat on the outside, let it cure, and then resin and fiberglass on the inside. One guy was able to stand on the helmet without any damage after that treatment. I’m considering something similar for my wearable panels. I’m hoping to track down someone who’s used the resin right on top of the leds, to see how it affects the light output/quality (or I may have to test it myself).