This is my first attempt on slate. Engrave on this material looks so good.

(syknarf) #1

This is my first attempt on slate. Engrave on this material looks so good.

(Duncan Caine) #2

That looks really good. Is that natural slate or composite slate?

(syknarf) #3

@Duncan_Caine didn’t know actually… I throwed the packaging… but in a round piece that I have it says it’s 100% natural slate. Think this was the same brand.

(Roberto Marquez) #4

Nice design. Do you the graphic available for download somewehre?

(syknarf) #5

@Roberto_Marquez the design is available in the K40 Facebook group

(Roberto Marquez) #6


(Andy Shilling) #7

That will be natural slate, it gives a fantastic finish and is even dishwasher safe. I do a lot of placemats and coasters in slate and in some you will find the engraving will actually come through with a gold tint.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #8

Where do you get the slate?

(syknarf) #9

@donkjr I purchased it on a local chinesse bazar.

(Rob Mitchell) #10

@syknarf what is the exact name of the FB group. Thanks

(syknarf) #11

@Rob_Mitchell1 Chinese k40 laser group

(Nigel Conroy) #12

If you apply a spray gloss before engraving it can help the white of the engraving pop more

(syknarf) #13

@Nigel_Conroy thanks, I will try it

(Sebastian C) #14

+skynarf can you give another source for people like me without facebook or at least the link to the specific group? thx

(syknarf) #15

@Sebastian_C Didn’t know of another source… this is the link to the group: search on the files section for aztec wars

(Travis B Sawyer) #16

There are a lot of slate shingled roofs in my area. I should find some take off and try this!

(Kelly Burns) #17

I find used slate roofing tiles on Craigslist.

(Nigel Caddick) #18

@syknarf May I ask if you vector, or raster engraved it? It looks fantastic! I use K40 Whisperer and often wonder if I should blue line a piece or black line :slight_smile:

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #19

@Andy_Shilling @Nedman note the “gold tint”…

(Ned Hill) #20

@donkjr Doesn’t really look gold on my monitor. I accept that it was just a trick of the lighting. I was really surprised that you were able to get some gray scaling when you engraved that coaster. Something I’m going to play with myself.