This is just a first pass at designing a 3d printed led POI.

(Lucas Morgan) #1

This is just a first pass at designing a 3d printed led POI. The electronics/animation stuff right now is SUPER basic, no switches or programmed modes besides the hue shift.

Images were taken from this unit, the vertical resolution is about 3-4 pixels high at the moment.

  • 3mm clear PLA filament
  • Teensy 3.1 Arduino microcontroller
  • APA-102 high speed led strip (32 leds)
  • fastLED arduino library
  • 3 AAA disposable batteries

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Wow- looking great already ! Any tips to share about the 3-D printing process or materials here?

(Lucas Morgan) #3

I can share stl files when the design gets a bit more complete, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary!

3 mm clear PLA filament was used on a .5 mm nozzle. The print is rough feeling but very durable and translucent with out diffusing too much.

Cap has a push and twist locking mechanism that needs some design love to really get it working nicely.

Using a teensy 3.1 with very minimal code at the moment:

Using some of adafruit’s super flexible 26 awg wire for the interior. It’s really nice stuff and it’s soft enough to conform to minimal pressure.

(Mike Thornbury) #4

I see an IMU in your future :slight_smile: