This is H-bot style(not coreXY) printer I'm building.

This is H-bot style(not coreXY) printer I’m building.
I’m planning to build it with lots of aluminum and machinings. :wink:

Originally shared by DongWon Han (DWONH)

After I failed to build simple printer with ‘printed parts’ for precision issues early this year, I’d decided to build ‘robust’ 3d printer.

My choice is H-bot (not CoreXY, which is more popular now) style. I know original H-bot style 3d printer has well known ‘racking issues’ which caused by twisting force of moving gantry from its inherited belt drive mechanism.

I thought racking problem could be overcome if design for linear movement is robust and stiff enough.

I decided to use linear rails and machined aluminum frames for stiffness of the system. Before I go for real implementation shown in photos, I got pretty promising result from the test by laser cut acrylic frames and linear rails.

I’m not sure finished machine can reach a level of precision I expect, it worth trying for me.

Wow! Do you have only one piece? It’s fantastic, can i have one?

Ball Screw Z-Axis? Looks really nice as well!

This looks pretty much like the gantry on a Type A Machines Series 1.

Nice work!
I only want to suggest you to do a bracket for free pulleys (We moved on ball bearings on both sides) and a quick system to tighten the belt.
Happy building :slight_smile:

Where did you get your small linear rails from?

@Joe_Spanier , try Robotdigg as well; they have some nice MGN series linear guides among other things for very reasonable prices