This is a work in progress ...

This is a work in progress … marrying a beaglebone + ardupilot “mini” + stacking ublox6 gps + custom beaglebone cape to produce an inexpensive ‘linux’ based autopilot. All the sensor I/O is outsourced to the ardupilot ‘mini’ so the linux software does not have hard real time requirements. This keeps the code (on both the ardupilot and beaglebone) simple and lets each system do what it is good at.

Next up is some cable splicing.

This is an evolution of an ongoing project so all the software is setup and running and tested on earlier variants of this system. Once the cables are all hooked up and power is applied, it’s pretty much ready to go fly.

The downside is being ‘stuck’ with inexpensive ardupilot sensors (mpu-6000 and ublox6) but the upside is that the whole system is very inexpensive … yielding a lot of performance for pretty low cost.