This is a pretty basic question? How do I edit a CP .CONF file?

This is a pretty basic question?

How do I edit a CP .CONF file?
I have searched everywhere on “how to” and have tried many editors some of which suggest they will edit .CONFbut all I get is a blank page when I open .CONF files.

Running win10.

I am trying to compare CONF files edit for my setup and also set up a way to share them …

I presume you just mean the TinyG configuration file you can download from the Configure widget inside CP? That’s just a normal text file, so just open in Notepad on Windows.

Perhaps that is because the conf file is currently empty. Normally configuration files are text files with the flag and value separated by white space and each flag being on a separate line.

Some files are formatted in json. Others as flag=value

Are you trying to edit a saved config file for a tinyg controller using the widget?

I downloaded it from the CP widget. Mmm why would it be empty, I can see config values from the serial console?

The Archive widget downloads a file that is date and time stamped and looks like
by default, although you can edit that file name before saving. It will be in your default ‘downloads’ directory. If it is an empty file, something is not working properly.

As correctly noted above, this listing contains just the tinyG parameters.
Chilipeppr settings are stored in the cloud based support environment.

It is a plain text file.
Notepad should work for making edits under Win10.
Avoid rich text editors or Word.
The Wiki has some added info on how to add comments to the file.

Update: so that others don’t feel as stupid as I do :(.
The problem with my config download was that I did not pay attention to Step:1 on the “save/archive and restore” dialog. I assumed that when I clicked download it would get the config and download it. I did not Upload so a blank page was downloaded and as @Justin_Adie suggested the file was empty!
Now I have to go back and uninstall the plethora of editors I installed!

Glad to see you got what you needed.
The file upload (save to disk process) is in multiple steps so that you can edit the information, such as add comments about the upload, before uploading to the hard drive.
For anyone who might be motivated to try this widget, a couple notes:

  1. The widget expects tinyG to be in mm (not inch) mode. I highly recommend you stick to using mm mode for setting parameters, as tinyG is native mm and has to convert inch settings on the fly.
  2. The widget no longer works for those using G2core, at least for the $fb>=100.xy builds. The widget watches for the prompt string “tinyG(mm)>” to know when the response to the “$$” command is complete. G2core now responds “G2core(mm)>”. I need to fix that