This group looks great! So glad I'm digging into FastLed...working on backlighting some laser

(andy _) #1

This group looks great! So glad I’m digging into FastLed…working on backlighting some laser cut acrylic for a big event in Chicago.

(Ken White) #2

@andy1 What big event are you talking about? FYI, I live in the Chicagoland area.

(Yves BAZIN) #3

@andy1 welcome !!

(andy _) #4

this is the event.

I’m backlighting an acrylic sign that I laser cut. The sign will be hung on an ivy wall as part of an installation.
I’m studying the FastLed library and looking for ways to achieve some fun animation-style effects that can be captured in instagram and boomerang.
The effect I want shouldn’t be that hard, but I’m not a professional programmer, so I’ve got to dig in a bit.

For a given length of say 100 leds, I’d like to fade in 0-25 at once, then fade them out while fading in 26-50 at once and so on. Basically, a sequential fading in and out of groups of leds.

I’ve got a few weeks to get it together. The more I study and write about the process, the more it seems to come together.


(Yves BAZIN) #5

@andy1 Can’t wait to see the result !!