This diode just became available. This sucker can do almost 7W for $145.

This diode just became available. This sucker can do almost 7W for $145. This could do some serious cutting. I WANT this diode and I want to add a Laser Widget to ChiliPeppr that shows an ongoing oscilloscope chart of voltage/amperage/temperature for the diode.

No kidding. That is really cheap comparing to a 2w.

I gave up watching when he started talking about fractions of an inch - he’s a scientist, isn’t he? How hard is it to talk in metric?

He may as well be using cubits, chains and furlongs for all it means to me :slight_smile:

He did say that the realist power was between 4&5W, not 7.

Yeah, I did hear him say that, but at DTR’s laser shop, whom I greatly trust, he’s saying 6W+ but his meter doesn’t go higher. Lazeer who is well known for his laser drivers is saying 7W. So I guess there’s some discrepancy. This dude in the video is saying 4W but he’s losing a lot in his optics. Even a 3 element glass lens drops 30% of the power. That’s why folks love the G2 glass lenses. They’re more money but let way more of the light through.

And… It’s splitting hairs. It can do LOTS for not much money, which is the key :slight_smile:

What’s the longevity in something like a CNC cutter?

I’d love to be able to add a laser to my router.

Diode lasers tend to be in the 10,000 hour range. CO2 lasers, which are cheap and can get you to around 40W for $200, have a life around 1,000 hours. Kicker on CO2 and why I don’t like them is the lifespan is short, the driver is expensive (you’re working with kilovolts), you need water cooling so more cost and maintenance, and you need flying optics as you aren’t going to mount this right on your Z axis and they’re expensive. So, diodes win out all over the place. Difference is they’re not as powerful, although that’s starting to seem to change here.

What can you cut trough with 7w? How many mm of plywood (if any)? This would be GREAT for a mod on a cnc machine but should be able to cut through more than carboards :smiley:

I’m not sure how thick of material could be cut with this higher powered diode. I tend to think it still won’t be able to cut plywood. There’s the whole issue of spot size too which can matter more than overall wattage. A spot size 2x smaller than the next diode creates 4x more cutting power. So, it’s all about how tight the beam is coming out of this.

A good lens should allow a smaller kerf and thus higher energy concentration. Soon we will need one of those aluminum enclosure that +Peter van der Walt created for the Freeburn even with 450 diodes.

That’s correct. CO2 pricing per watt is really good. Also, once a certain wattage is reached, then we need to add cooling and exhaust and all the other stuff that makes a CO2 laser expensive. Still, I think there is a sweet point around 10W.

Well, here’s one way I look at the price difference between this diode and CO2. $220 ($37 per watt) for $155 6W diode, $20 lens, $5 heatsink, and $40 TTL capable driver. For a 40W CO2 I’m guessing $200 tube, $35 for cooling, $150 for TTL driver, flying optics $200 = $535 ($13 per watt). So, yes, CO2 is cheaper per watt by far. However, what if I only want to cut solder stencils out of dark mylar? Then I really only need a few watts.

I want to cut 6mm ply… I don’t think I have a choice.

So what do you recommend for a beginner, looking retrofit an 8x4 CNC router to cut ply and mdf?

Any turnkey sets that I can add to my machine?

I am happy to get rid of the spindle entirely.

Enclosing would be difficult… It’s 1500x2300

I will have to settle for safety specs and a locked door