This days I'm drawing a ir rc 1:64 car.

This days I’m drawing a ir rc 1:64 car. Still trying to fit all inside the body. It will have a attiny85 board, a 3,7 - 5,0 v converter a H-bridge, a IR sensor and a 350 mah lipo. All inside 75 mm lenght. Direction will be more like a tank. Lets see how it ends up…

Did something similar by modding an existing RC car with a lipo, dual h-bridge, trinket and Bluetooth module. Much faster with amazing battery life but rolls on every turn. Steering is based on an electromagnet so is a bit binary. missing/deleted image from Google+

Wanted to make a 3d printed version but i couldn’t get tiny 3d printed gears needed for the wheels and motors working.

@Liam_Jackson it will have a 3d printed body. I made a first test print of the gears but it came out unusable. I already have some ideas to solve it, meanwhile I ordered some geared micro motors. I’ll see if they do the work. It would save a lot of space.

Maybe its not clear on this rendering, but I’m planning to have one motor for each wheel and independent speed control for the left and right wheels. Thats why I say the steering will be something like a tank. I will try to make it as fast as possible and dress it in a sports car outfit, thow.