This days I'm drawing a ir rc 1:64 car.

(Luis Machado) #1

This days I’m drawing a ir rc 1:64 car. Still trying to fit all inside the body. It will have a attiny85 board, a 3,7 - 5,0 v converter a H-bridge, a IR sensor and a 350 mah lipo. All inside 75 mm lenght. Direction will be more like a tank. Lets see how it ends up…

(Liam Jackson) #2

Did something similar by modding an existing RC car with a lipo, dual h-bridge, trinket and Bluetooth module. Much faster with amazing battery life but rolls on every turn. Steering is based on an electromagnet so is a bit binary. missing/deleted image from Google+

(Liam Jackson) #3

Wanted to make a 3d printed version but i couldn’t get tiny 3d printed gears needed for the wheels and motors working.

(Luis Machado) #4

@Liam_Jackson it will have a 3d printed body. I made a first test print of the gears but it came out unusable. I already have some ideas to solve it, meanwhile I ordered some geared micro motors. I’ll see if they do the work. It would save a lot of space.

(Luis Machado) #5

Maybe its not clear on this rendering, but I’m planning to have one motor for each wheel and independent speed control for the left and right wheels. Thats why I say the steering will be something like a tank. I will try to make it as fast as possible and dress it in a sports car outfit, thow.