This comes up every so often and with the topic having popped up again

This comes up every so often and with the topic having popped up again on the FB group, I decided to take pictures of the products. I’m talking about the tape I use for masking. While you can use a variety of tapes, from blue painter’s tape to your regular masking tape, because I happen to work at a sign shop, I use the same tape that the guys use on vinyl work.

For my wood cutting/engraving, I use RTape Conform 4075RLA which is a high tack paper application tape. A while ago I posted a picture of how I mask a bunch of material in one pass. This stuff sticks well to Birch wood that I work with. Usually a single pressure pass on the roller is enough, but occasionally, I will run a 4in squeegee over it by hand and press down a bit harder. If I do it too much, when I lift the tape up, it will take a very minute amount of fiber with it, enough to make the surface a bit rough. Some times it actually results in a nice rough finish, though generally I will sand the finished pieces smooth.

For delicate material such as paper or diffuser film, I will use the 4050RLA version which is a medium tack tape.

With both of them, if I do a very intricate engraving job, I will use something like duct tape or the stronger gaffer tape to remove the masking tape. Just wrap a piece around my finger and start peeling. I posted a few pictures of this process too not too long ago.

Another product that’s used at the shop which I have NOT tried yet, but it appears to be very similar in both material and tack level, is TransferRite Ultra.