This 3D printer project is getting funded way faster than anticipated on Kickstarter.

This 3D printer project is getting funded way faster than anticipated on Kickstarter. I know the founders, and can vouch for them and their printer–which is going to sell for less than $500.

reliability, quality?

@Karan_Chaphekar Race to the bottom (in the consumer electronics context) always wins and it is good for the consumer. You probably have a 1990’s super computer in your pocket with access to millions of low cost applications.

The success of this campaign sends a message to designers of printers. Consumers (right now) are willing to buy an attractive looking printer with a large print volume and a $500 price tag. They are less concerned about the quality of the output. I believe they’ll get there on quality because that really is an experience thing. However the images they have shown are enough to sell the machine as it is.

@Nils_Hitze , there was a discussion around here somewhere on this last week and the consensus was (to put it nicely) that the print quality was quite poor.

There’s not really enough detail on the machien to say whether that’s because of the hardware design or crap filament or just a very-poorly configured slicer. Either way, the prints they’re showing aren’t anything to write home about…

@Dave_Durant yep - i can remember the thread. I hope they show some better tuned prints soon.

Basically (imho) it’s about quality of print, good tuned machines and a damn good customer service. Because in this price category, we will get a lot of “Tech Runaway” Customers. And they are not easy to satisfy and if the output isn’t good/the printer not working well/easy to use, they will tell everyone they know that your printer stinks and then you’re doomed.

So ladies and gentlemen - make sure to have a good CRM in place and don’t use a shared email account and hire a community manager as soon as possible!

@Dave_Durant Can you point to the thread you’re talking about. I’m surprised to hear this and would like to know more.

@Jan_Kabili : here you go:

From the comments there, it sounds like the RoBo people were pointed to that post last week.

Arg…Stupid G+… Maybe this link will work instead: .

I see there is a place for commercial printers.
I guess I should post in this section.

They put those photos up like they were something to be proud of. That concerns me greatly. Honestly, it worries me that they are going to provide an inferior product and give Reprap a bad name.