Third try.  Everything worked except for the V-cutter engraving bit.

Third try. Everything worked except for the V-cutter engraving bit. The edges were faced with a ¼" endmill 0.15mm passes at 40mm/min. The main groovemount was pocketed at 20mm/min, same depth passes. The screw slots were pocketed with a ⅛" endmill at 10mm/min, same depth passes. Lots of WD-40 to clear the chips. The V cutter was at 20mm/min, 0.2mm depth. It didn’t like that AT ALL. Lots of skipped steps, so I just killed that job.

One more lesson learned: I had it mounted too far to the right (or, alternatively, I didn’t set my WCS far enough to the right) so the facing on the left edge missed about 4mm or so, barely grazed the rest of the edge leaving a gorgeous finish. The right side wasn’t so much a facing as it was a milling, so that edge is not as clean.

I will call this a success.