Think we could make one of these for Beagle?

Think we could make one of these for Beagle? Know we have @Andrew_Henderson 's Beagle SNES, but emulation station and RetroArch and the like are open source, so it’s probably worth a shot.

Already working on it, m’man. BeagleSNES is my effort to figure out the “difficult” details that slow emulation and leach away FPS. I just have a lot of more-important work that I need to take care of before I can get back to my hobby projects. The SNES takes a lot more horsepower than other 8/16-bit consoles, so if that can work, the others should work fairly well, too. Even the 32-bit GBA runs fairly well:

Asking cause there is a lot of projects in theory that can be done on the beagle, but it doesn’t have that plug it in and it works juice that the Pi does. Frustrating, especially since we have projects like Ultraslim on the Pi that can do one of everything, but on a more powerful board, it’s that much more harder to configure our jams.