Thing-Printer Developer telecons

(Jon Charnas) #1

So one thing that’s become apparent over the last few months is that we need to have better coordination between different development efforts.

I’m not entirely familiar with how other projects work this out, but I’ve seen development mailing lists, etc. Well I happen to think those mailing lists are very 90’s, and we can do better. So far we’ve had small-ish groups using, in a relatively closed manner.

To try and move forward and make all development efforts better known throughout the community, I’m hoping to hold monthly, perhaps even bi-monthly telecons. They will be scheduled via Doodle, and announced in this thread. Please keep your posts to a minimum on this thread, so that when an announcement is made here you see it.

Talk to you soon,

First telecon doodle:

(Jon Charnas) #2

First telecon date selected:
April 27th, 5 PM UTC link:

(Jon Charnas) #3

First telecon recording available here: