Thin Wood Supplier

(Ned Hill) #1

For thin wood stock, including 1/8 (3mm) ply, I buy mine from Ocooch Hardwoods ( They are a great family owned business in WI, USA.

(0.45 NACL) #2

Have made several purchases from them. They are quick and reliable.


I’ve not purchased any hardwood yet but during my Google searches this company continues to have the best presence and website.

My question is which of these hardwoods have you all personally tried and can recommend. I’m somewhat intrigued by the exotics. Even their exotic sample pack. Do certain hardwoods take the laser better than others?

(Ned Hill) #4

Alder is my go to for a lot of engraving. Cherry is also good. Maple, walnut, oak are fine as well but the contrast is lower if you aren’t using a darkening spray post engraving. The only one I recommend not using, if you are engraving, is ash as the spring and summer growth grain don’t laser evenly and it looks stripped.

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