They're coming. Ws2812 form factor (aka sized like a 5050 with six pins),

They’re coming. Ws2812 form factor (aka sized like a 5050 with six pins), either 24 or 48bit color (unclear - the person posting about them referenced both). 5-10mbps data rates (clock/data).

I’ve already got support sketched out - will post links when I have them :slight_smile:

Iteresting. When you say 24 bit color you mean 8 bits per channel, yes? (And 48 = 16 per channel?)

/me feels the need for speed. As usual.

Yes, from the pixel pusher folks.


Don’t play with my emotions.

Oh yeah, this is awesome news.

I feel the need, the need for speed.

I feel the need for a uC with more RAM :-P.

Pixel pusher guy was telling me also it has 24MHz PWM at maker faire. Cannot wait for a real SPI integrated package. Here’s hoping for 3528 soon as well

For more RAM in an Arduino format, I’m pretty excited by the just-announced Arduino Zero :

I’m actually keener on the 3528 LEDs and the accompanying higher density/resolution and less current. Light output we’ve got plenty of with 5050s.

@Tod_Kurt : what do you like about the Zero over the Due, DigiX, or Teensy? I was sort of nonplussed by it, but maybe I missed something.

@Mark_Kriegsman Two things for me: running on a really cheap Cortex M0 part (so good for prototyping my own ARM designs) and a built-in debugger, a first for a “real” Arduino (so I think this will mean the Arduino ecosystem will grow to embrace the idea of hardware debugging) It wouldn’t surprise me if the Zero becomes the new default Arduino instead of the Uno.

Ah… A debugger. Yep. That’d do it!

Hopefully it’s well above the existing toolchain…

I’d rather take an M4 over an M0, even with a debugger.

What’s a debugger??? hehehe

BTW, @Mark_Kriegsman is there support for the LPD1886? I see that there at least stubs in the 2.1 code.

I have written the code for the lpd1886 but haven’t had a chance to try testing it yet.

Who is this pixel pusher person? Are they on g+, fb or have a website? - and they were talking about this on a FB group, and my understanding is that will be carrying the new leds. No information yet on supplier, chipset, etc…