These are the parts for the F1 car.

(Daniel Norée) #1

These are the #3dprinted parts for the #OpenrRC F1 car. Doing a build video now! =)


very nice!! is somewhere parts in case someone wants to made it?

(Daniel Norée) #3

@PANTELIS_k ​ as with all OpenR/C projects this will be released for anyone to download and make in due time!

(Trhuster) #4

Really impressive cad work right there. I am exited!

(Eric Crawford) #5

Okay, I’m gonna have to call foul, I don’t see the piece that you posted for the competition… :slight_smile:

(Daniel Norée) #6

@Eric_Crawford ​ white, bottom right with more detail added. =)

(Len Reinhart) #7

It is looking very nice.
I have just started working with PETG filament. The first was TECH-G from Taulman. The first part printed on a 50-50 mix of water and Elmer’s Glue-All lightly painted on blue painter’s tape. The tape lifted, and I have some Buildtac inbound to fix that, but it was an unheated bed and it stuck to the tape ok, which for me is good. The printing temp was 138 C. No fumes. Strong, but not brittle. Looks real good for printing parts. Two other brands are coming. It is supposed to be stronger than ABS and the higher temp would mean I can print airplane parts without worrying so much about deformation in the sun.

(Tim Sills) #8

I’m a huge F1 fan so especially looking forward to printing this.

Just finished the Scout R/C car (found here:

It actually works, but not without some minor mods via meshmixer (at least for me).

(Basile Laderchi) #9

I think I have to release a new rim/wheel to be compatible with the F1.
@Daniel_Noree when are the files and specs be available?

(Chris Halliday) #10

Looking forward to the release of the files @Daniel_Noree Keep up the excellent work!

(Jesper Henriksen) #11

I am also looking forward to the release of the files and maybe printing and seeing how competative it is compared to my Tamiya F104 Ver. II Pro F1 RC :slight_smile: