These are some lamps I have built for my daughters wedding

These are some lamps I have built for my daughters wedding. They are based on APA102s and a teensy 3.1 using fastled 3.1.

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Looks beautiful! And congratulations to all!

Very nice! Any more details on the build? What’d you use for diffusion?

Those look great. And good idea to put a light in the video so the auto gain on the camera doesn’t go haywire.

I’d be curious to hear about performance… how many LEDs were you driving per teensy3.1 board, did you have to add a delay, and if not what framerates were you getting? It looks nice and fast like there is no performance bottleneck.

The reason I ask is that I’m planning an installation with about 800 AP102 LEDs running Fire2012 on a Teensy3.1, and curious how much additional processing power I’ll be able to use to add other effects.

There are 105 LEDs in the lamp. They are from a single strips of 60 leds/m self adhesive roll… I don’t use the water proof ones as I have found the coatings can act like lenses and project annoying shapes (attributes). The LEDs are on a backing board approximately 5cm from the front diffuser. The front diffuser is made from frosted polycarbonate about 5mm thick. I can’t give the spec for the polycarbonate as I retrieved it from a skip to go into my parts bin. It is quite thick and is frosted on both sides. The double frosting is important for diffusing the LEDs as the are notoriously difficult to diffuse due to the intense point source they form.

I haven’t measured the performance as I tend to fall into the category of “if it works don’t fiddle”. However I think it is set to run at about 200hz so it looks pretty solid and videos OK.

I haven’t done 800 LEDs as the sort of things I do usually sit somewhere between 60 and 250 LED’s. An issue for that many LED’s will be supplying sufficient power in the right places. 800 LEDs will potentially draw 48 amps… There are other posting on here that will give you some idea about the amount of RAM that many LED’s will consume.

Very cool! Did you use one teensy to run both (independent) flames? If yes, I would be interested how you set it up. Maybe you can share your code.