These 7075 Aluminium eustathios pillow blocks should be nice and rigid, yeah?

These 7075 Aluminium eustathios pillow blocks should be nice and rigid, yeah? :slight_smile:
Sandblasted the non-functional faces and they look great!

Nice looks good

Holy crap where did u get those

I notice you put the bearing in from the other side. Was that for was ease of machining? BTW looks great.

If you make other parts in aluminum I would be interested in purchasing a set, or if you wanted to share your machining friendly model files I know a guy who would help me out.

Wow that’s cool.

Made at my dad’s CNC workshop @Riley_Porter_ril3y . The idea of putting the bearing on the outside was actually to support the rod at the extremities (thinking this would help align them that minuscule-amount more…) But thinking about it now I’ve also got a slightly longer length of rod between the bearings now, so the rod will be able to bend that minuscule-amount more also >_< lol

I’m sure I won’t notice that though, it’s like 4-5mm difference.

I think I did sketch these up in inventor format, although on those CNC machines it’s much easier to work with 2D DXF files and use the CAM package (surfCAM) to manage heights. I’ll see what models I have for them tomorrow and I’ll report back, anything I do have is up for grabs for sure! :slight_smile:


I’m going to go through your solidworks models and pick out good pieces to CNC machine @Eclsnowman so once I have a list of parts I’m proposing to make I’ll let you know and since I’ll be setting the machine and CAM stuff up for myself anyways I wouldn’t mind knocking a few extras up for cheap if you’re interested… All more complex components will be printed though.

@Jarred_Baines count me in on a set. I love my printer… But CNC tolerances sure are nice.

Also let me know if you want any of the fillets rolled back on the models. I always put them in last on the design tree… But being a foundry guy I am a sucker for fillets.

Fillets 'n stuff are not a problem :wink:

Ill keep you posted mate

rofl; I JUST designed this exact thing in OpenSCAD. Today. 2 hours ago… I am so dumb. I could have just checked here but NOOOOOO!

Ha ha @ThantiK :-p

Theres so many ingentis variant designs now! No point re-inventing the re-invented wheel ay!

Let me know when you do the machined versions, I might be in for quite an order of them. At least one order personally, but if it takes a while I might be in for a large set…considering starting up my own company.

@ThantiK I might want to see the bearing bore moved back to the other side of the block. Then the bearing is held between the pulley and the mount. Nothing holds the bearing in along the length but friction as shown here.

@Eclsnowman on mine I’m using the little ingentis knobs, so that’s what holds the bearing for me.

@ThantiK makes sense.

Mines going to have a (possibly) polycarbonate case which will do the same thing… You won’t get the bearings out without a press tho - nice press-fit :wink:

But I think ideally they should be placed on the inside, less length between the bearings = less flex in the shaft… Was a bit of an oversight. …

Perhaps we all should start up a business? Great minds and skillset here! On more than one occasion I’ve considered speaking to @Tim_Rastall about a business proposition…

I’ll let you all know if I get onto this, life is a bit hectic at the moment!

@Jarred_Baines , often thought about starting my own company making machines like this. But there are so many at this point in time, and I’ve learned a lot being employed at DeltaMaker about how hard it really is to get production started. Though it doesn’t help that the guy who started the company doesn’t actually help with production at all…

Hi Jarred, could I grab a set of whatever you make please, I really like the idea of machined parts.

@Daniel_Fielding @ThantiK @Eclsnowman

If I get the chance (looking good) I will make up a set of x/y blocks and the carriage, since I’m doing it for myself the cost will simply be the material + “mates rates” for machining (ie no up-front setup costs that would normally be included).

Wondering what extruder carriage design you all think would be best suited? The Eustathios ones are mega-complicated - which doesn’t matter when you’re printing but will take too long to be ‘worth it’ to machine in my CNC…

I like the V4 Ingentis carriage or D-Rob’s carriage, I am leaning toward D-Rob’s only because I like how it clamps the hot-ends around the groove and then bolts to the carriage - seems ‘tough’…

Any thoughts?

Belt clamping I will have to come up with something too as machining teeth in a groove like the eustathios design will be near impossible.

Anyone else want in on this? I can only offer ‘reasonable costs’ as far as pricing at this stage and I will only charge what’s necessary (not out to make profit from this, just giving back the way I can)

I’m using the Kraken myself, so none of the normal carriages really apply to me. I saw a really nice one the other day but no files have been posted yet.