Thermostats need a "season" setting

or a humidity sensor which knocks off a degree or two when humidity gets over a threshold.

69 degF in November is different from 69 degF in April.

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Yeah, in the summer I had a temp and humidity gauge in the room with my laser. Then printed off a dew point chart and adjusted the water temp as needed.

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My commercial weather station (< $150) gives a number of options to display, one of them is dew point.

Do you raise your coolant temperature to avoid possible tube condensation?


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The thermostat I built uses a HTU21DF sensor which has humidity and it is tracked and graphed in the system just not used for adjusting the setpoint temp values. Seeing ~52 RH% now and was seeing 49-50 RH% during our SoCA ‘cold’ weather.

I’m thinking of adding a humidity adjustment on/off setting and a setpoint to trigger when it’s used.