Thermal issues and funny nosies

(Pietro Santangelo_SW) #1

I’m quite novice in Smoothiexxx
I have setupo alpha_current, beta_current, … epsilon_current to match the current driven by the steppers of my machine (1.0 Ams)

The weird thing is that I power cycle Smoothieboard, I do some quick movement tests and after like 1 or 2 mins there’s an odour like ozone, the temperature of the dissipators of the drivers rise so that you can’t touch them, like 80-90ºC and the temperature of the back plate of the steppers gets veeeery high lie 70-80ºC

I’m thinking to use my 30 days money back warranty… but I’d like to have some help for this

There are other issues like endstops working when I home only… If I jog, the endstop switches are triggered by the printer but the Smoothieboad permits me to move the motor regardless of the endstop triggered.

I have a Smoothieboard v.1.1
The printer is a GEEETech i3 PRO B

Could you give some advice?

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