Thermal issues and funny nosies

I’m quite novice in Smoothiexxx
I have setupo alpha_current, beta_current, … epsilon_current to match the current driven by the steppers of my machine (1.0 Ams)

The weird thing is that I power cycle Smoothieboard, I do some quick movement tests and after like 1 or 2 mins there’s an odour like ozone, the temperature of the dissipators of the drivers rise so that you can’t touch them, like 80-90ºC and the temperature of the back plate of the steppers gets veeeery high lie 70-80ºC

I’m thinking to use my 30 days money back warranty… but I’d like to have some help for this

There are other issues like endstops working when I home only… If I jog, the endstop switches are triggered by the printer but the Smoothieboad permits me to move the motor regardless of the endstop triggered.

I have a Smoothieboard v.1.1
The printer is a GEEETech i3 PRO B

Could you give some advice?

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Can you post your config and details of the actual motors you are using?

If you have dissipators on the drivers, you have a counterfeit board ( the official boards do not have dissipators because the people making the official boards desgined the board and therefore know the drivers are designed to be cooled by the PCB itself and dissipators are not only never necessary, but they can actually cause the components to bend and break/pop if the temperature differential becomes too great ), they are known to have all sorts of weird issues like this.

This might be of interest to you : ( this was written for MKS but is mostly also valid for the counterfeit smoothieboards that popped up recently )