There's been so much talk about these guys and their suspiciously RepRap like logo,

There’s been so much talk about these guys and their suspiciously RepRap like logo, I managed to get an interview with them.

Good work, but still no real info.

No they are not very forthcoming to be honest they simply skirt the issues. Do you think they will come out with a printer?

No, I don’t.

I actually think they will. It will be horribly overpriced and underperforming (customers will be really disappointed when they learn that “full-color” is a complete lie, and the machine only prints arbitrary solid colors with plenty of wasted material to purge in between) but once you know that fact, there’s nothing implausible about it.

They release a price - $347 USD
EDIT - This is incorrect, I was confused with another printer.

If they start taking pre-orders without releasing (a lot) more information then I’m upgrading them from ‘Vaporware’ to ‘Scam’.

@Shachar_Weis That’s a different one. These guys haven’t given a number but they’ve said it will be comparable to the Rep2 and Form1, which means about 10x that number.

dang, you are right. I seem to have confused my Vaporwares. They look so similar.

They are very keen not to give anything away. It’s impossible to say that they haven’t got a product, we shall have to wait and see. But I’m inclined to agree with @Whosa_whatsis I think we will see a product but not one that is worth talking about this much.

is that right? US$347 … multi color … near to form1 standard? … the chinese factories need to learn from them i suppose.
but i think, what they have here is just another gantry style, the key is the filament, i think they are using a different filament, that is the only way to be multi color spot on. like many crowd fund, $347, i think its a mini print platform.

@3roomlab the price is closer to $3500, though we don’t have a firm number yet. The $347 number was for a different printer.