There were a lot of metal 3D printers also.

(david merten) #1

There were a lot of metal 3D printers also. Some only printed metal, but the really expensive machines incorporated full five axis machining on the printed parts. Prices ran up to 1.7 million dollars. I won’t be putting one of those in my garage anytime soon.

(Jan Homola) #2

btw this one from DMG MORI has got its own printing head made by its printing technology (part of it is seen in right corner of your picture)

(Jeff DeMaagd) #3

They’ve been at it for at least a couple years now. Interesting stuff.

(marc kerger) #4

anyone made a injection mould with one of these? got a video?

(david merten) #5

@marc_kerger At one booth they had some mold cores on display. It was for a basic automotive connector. The standard core cycle time was 18 seconds. The 3D printed core with internal cooling passageways around the part had a cycle time of 9 seconds. So you could double your production rate. That’s huge!

(marc kerger) #6

@david_merten just think of the time you can win making the mold ! and it will have ideal cooling channels! double win. and faster injection, triple win…