There is a strange behavior in Grbl Workspace (at least) when I drop new

There is a strange behavior in Grbl Workspace (at least) when I drop new g-code file it loads normally in the 3d view but GCode widget keeps showing and also execute the previous gcode file.

I just tried it and it seems ok. What if you “Clear Recent Files” in the file load pulldown menu? That will wipe your localStorage and could help solve this.

This behavior doesn’t seem to be consistent, it happened last night, I cleared browser data and recent files after that CP worked normally, this morning I had the same issue which is also solved by clearing browser data and recent files.

Sometimes, 3D viewer widget appear on the left side on top of the GRBL Workspace widget!

P.S.: I’m at GMT+3

I noticed when I close the browser without clearing recent files, next time I open the workspace the 3D view widget stay on left. if I clear recent files and refresh the page or close/open the browser the 3d View appears in the correct place.

The issue in GCode widget I mentioned on top of this post can be replicated by loading one gcode file (say file1.gcode), then load another file (say file2.gcode), now reload (file1.gcode) again, 3D view will show file1.gcode while GCode widget still showing the gcode from file2.gcode. and if you press play, CP will start sending file2.gcode.

TinyG workspace seems to work fine, this is only happening in GRBL workspace.

Ok, try out the Grbl workspace now. @Jarret_Luft just made some edits akin to the ones I did in the TinyG workspace last Friday and I think it’s solved now. Basically the auto-level widget also loads the Three.js library and depending on load order (which is random) you were getting the correct or incorrect libraries. That was causing errors or no errors on file load and thus the problems you were seeing.

No, problem is still the same, I noticed that relatively large gcode files (I tested 360KB+) get stuck in the GCode widget. Such file don’t appear in the list of (Recent Files) but it’s reloaded if I reload the workspace. And 3D Viewer widget still appear on wrong location if Recent Files are not cleared.

Same with TinyG Workspace, large gcode files don’t appear in the Recent Files list.

Weird. I just tried and it seems fine. What if you now wipe your cache to ensure you’re getting all the latest Javascript?