There is a bounty for bugs on the E3D website (10% off across the

There is a bounty for bugs on the E3D website (10% off across the store). We would really appreciate your feedback!

Originally shared by Joshua Rowley

10% Discount at as a bounty for Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions on our new website.

Yesterday I swapped E3D over to our new site - we think it is so much more beautiful and easy to navigate than our old one, but we want it to be perfect so are offering a bounty to anyone with helpful feedback. 10%-off discount code for use in store if you comment or send me an email ( with your thoughts - good or bad!

P.S. We are also now also trying our best to same-day ship orders placed before 2PM GMT. Oh, and… when we move off the Isle of Wight and onto the UK mainland, we will be able to ship NEXT DAY TO THE US. I don’t even know how FedEx are able to do that.


Josh, sent you an email on some preliminary findings.

I was not expecting a full pen-testing report - but warmly received. :slight_smile:

Naaa, just rattled the door a bit.

Didn’t see this when I put my order in last night… Shame, there was a probem or two, I’m so used to working around things I didn’t really think much of it.
Too late.

The heat break for the 3mm v6 is mislabeled in the v6 docs page. It says “Heat Sink - 3.00mm Universal”

where’s the spares for the v4 and v5

@Electra_Flarefire - That’s fine, we can give you credit, especially if you had problems… Drop me an email and let me know what happened!

@David_Gray - Oh yes… Wow! It must have been like that for months.

@jinx_OI - Spares for v4 are no longer available and v5 are available through the v5 documentation page, I guess there should be a more accessible link and probably an explanation that a good deal of v6 stuff has been designed to be backwards compatible.

Cheers for the comments guys… :slight_smile:

I told @Sanjay_Mortimer1 ​ but wanted to let you know as well. The whole page doesn’t agree with my phone. I have the note 4 and the screen is huge and cannot be scaled down. Very hard to view. I ordered the cyclops and reported this to +sanjay at the same time as my order. For the bounty can you just drop a v6 .25 nozzle in the box when cyclops ships? I dropped my Hydra and dinged the tip. Non fixable damage :frowning: