There are some MKS Base 1.5 controller boards on Ebay.

There are some MKS Base 1.5 controller boards on Ebay. Those should be a good upgrade from a now busted Rambo 1.2b board, right? Is there anything that I should know about the board? I am wanting to revive my Rostock Max v1 delta printer.

It looks like both boards use the same Arduino chip. I know you can flash the Rambo and I know you can flash the MKS Base 1.5. It seems the MKS Base 1.5 uses physical pots (potentiometers) while the Rambo uses digital ones. The Rambo has no whine. I wonder if the MKS Base 1.5 has whine.

I found a video with printing audio. It does not sound too different from the Rambo board to me. I have seen some posts about salmon skin and TL Smoothers. I am willing to take the risk there.

I ended up ordering one from Amazon. There were 58 ratings for a Biqu MKS Base v1.5 board.

I think it may just be an 8 bit chip. I will see how it works Monday or so.

I got the MKS Base 1.6 controller board. It turns out that the MKS Base 1.5 controller board was used in the Anet A8 printers, so it seems I should be able to use videos on it as a reference for my board.

It seems that at least a few people recommend using MOSFETs for the hotend and heated bed to take the power load off of the main board.

It also seems that the Tevo Tarantula uses a MKS Base 1.3 or 1.4 board.

I got the board as a replacement for the Rambo 1.2b board. I thought the old connectors would snap into place on the new board. I was wrong. It does not look like any connectors else than the thermistor connectors fit and not even those snap into place. None of the connector sockets look like they are meant to have a snap in connector.

The connectors for the RepRap Discount Smart Controller do fit.

I ordered JST-XHP connectors and they came in, but they have a bulky clip on the side of them. Is that the P part?