The World's First Mobile Rollable Digital Display.

(Phillip Funkhouser) #1

The World’s First Mobile Rollable Digital Display. I showed it at CES this year in Eureka Park. This version is a 2040 Pixel WS2812 smart lighting version with an iOS App. I have another version with 2400 Pixels that runs on FastLED using either a Teensy or Arduino MKR1000 using a single wire. With that version, I can run about 15 f/s Text, animation (fire) and rotating GIF (ie Batman logo). Rollable Displays are the future of Mobile and we are going to start with low resolution/Retro AI enabled mobile billboards.

(Marc Miller) #2

Ha nice! Great looking custom carrier.
What do you use for power?

(Daniel Garcia) #3

Nice! (also, though, not the first :slight_smile:

(Phillip Funkhouser) #4

@marmil I can use 5v DC (Battery) or AC (Wall outlet) via 2.1 mm jack

(Marc Miller) #5

@Phillip_Funkhouser sure, but I was hoping for a bit more detail such as how many amps? And is it a custom built battery solution or something off the shelf?

(Phillip Funkhouser) #6

I have used this battery for several hours at half brightness, I believe at up to 4.8A:
or 10A AC at full brightness

(Marc Miller) #7

Very cool, I like that battery.
For that 10A AC power supply, what jack are you using to plug that into? I’ve only found jacks that are rated for 3 or 4 amps.

(Phillip Funkhouser) #8

I believe these work:

(Marc MERLIN) #9

@Phillip_Funkhouser : Very nice, what’s the pixel density? It doesn’t seem to be square.

(Phillip Funkhouser) #10

@Marc_MERLIN Marc, Thanks for checking it out. The pixel density is 60 per meter. 60 pixels tall so 1 meter tall and it is 34 pixels wide so just over half a meter wide. 2040 pixels total.