The "Total accumulated job time" feature does not seem to work for me.

The “Total accumulated job time” feature does not seem to work for me. Any suggestions on why this might be? I’ve been running Laserweb for over 6 months now and have used a variety of versions. (currently on: Frontend: 4.0.989 Backend: 4.0.115). Running on Windows 10 64bit.


Is there any documentation on this feature available?
What is total accumulated job time measuring? How can it be reset? Can this information be accessed upon request?

I need to check that. I think it was never working correctly but nobody complained until now :wink:

We’re not complaining. Just asking.
It’s a great feature and we can use it to help users track their machine maintenance etc.
Being able to request that info would be fantastic.

I think would be great to have that feature on hardware, as many stock controllers do. Just my :unicorn:

Claudio, when I say ‘access by request’ , I mean being able to check the accumulated time as needed.

@Jorge_Robles That’s the point. At the moment the accumulated job time is calculated on frontend and saved in settings store. But that’s per Browser/User and not per machine.
If somebody uses multiple machines or multiple PC’s/Browsers, the accumulation will be wrong.

I need to find a way to save this value either on the controller or at least on server per machine.

I’m only using the LaserWeb App, on one PC with one machine, but it still doesn’t work. Are there other issues or is there something I can look into on my computer to resolve my issue?

@Jeremy_Jones I don’t think it’s an issue of your PC. It’s probably a programming issue that I have to check.