The Smoothie project needs your help ! ( what ? again ?

The Smoothie project needs your help ! ( what ? again ? )

A few months back, we migrated the wiki ( documentation, at ) to being a self-hosted wikidot.

Unfortunately, a few things were lost in the process. In particular, a lot of pictures didn’t properly transition between the two wiki systems, and aren’t displayed in the pages anymore.

We could improve the wiki a lot if a few of you went over the pages of the wiki, found the images that are not displaying, and fixed the syntax. It would be very helpful to a lot of people, and is not that much work.

For example, I just went to the page, clicked “edit” on the right, then in the page’s source found this ( by doing Ctrl+F “image” ) :

And to fix the image, I just need to change it to :

If you could go over the wiki and fix broken images like this, it would be extremely appreciated and welcome, and would help the project a lot.

Cheers :slight_smile:

There’s an app for that! Lots of them, at least for finding broken links. For example, Google is willing to give the site owner a list of broken links that its web crawlers have found. If you stick that list on a wiki page, people could correct those and cross them off, instead of people randomly searching. (disclaimer: this is all based on a quick web search, not personal experience)

@Ray_Tice The problem here is that this is not about broken link, it’s about broken wiki syntax. The images don’t appear at all ( not even in broken form ) on the pages, because the wiki syntax is wrong. And even if you fix the wiki syntax, you then stil need to also fix the path to the picture.

woohoo, finally something I can do ! I’ll help you :slight_smile:

@Sebastien_Plante Awesom, thanks !
Btw, if you want to help the Smoothie project, we have a procudure where you email me at, we talk about your skills and tastes, I take a note of them, I tell you about some things you can do to help that match what we talked about, and I keep all the info aside so I can contact you if something comes up that matches you.

(g)awk, or your favorite pattern matching language?

@Kirk_Yarina I already did a script that fixed the easy ones, but there are a lot of “special cases” that need to be fixed by humans.

@Arthur_Wolf Ah, so the broken links on the windows-drivers page are a completely different issue then.

@Ray_Tice Yep lots of problems that need fixing.

I went over the gallery some time ago, that was a huge mess :joy:

@Michael_Andresen Thanks a ton, that was a huge one !

@Arthur_Wolf Will I see a “broken link” image ? Or it will be left as a blank space ? Cause I’ve checked a lot of pages the others day and I didnt see any broken image! :frowning:

@Arthur_Wolf For example, I see a lot of link to instant of, are those okay ?

I sended you an email, if you want to provide me more details, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to help.

@Sebastien_Plante Broken images simply don’t display, so you actually need to go look at the source of each page to find them, unfortunately. The images are hosted in various places, it doesn’t matter exactly how you do it, the objective is just that the users see them :slight_smile: