The RUMBA board is up and running,

The RUMBA board is up and running, looking good so far
Now to clean up cabeling and reinstall the chamber

I made the hotend myself after i wasn’t satisfied with any of the currently avaqilable.
A description can be found here
It’s in german, but the pictures are telling the story.
The idea behind it is to be cheap and easy to make, of course it has to be reliable. So far it was realy only tested with 1.75mm ABS, but i see no reason why other variations shouldn’t work as well.

@Bjorn_Marl you should totally tell the guys at FFM to look for the order going to orlando florida for my friend dan and have them ship it =D

I think this is the only part of the Prusa i3 that we have left to build :slight_smile:

Sorry, they are only involved in the technical side of things.