The result is fantastic.

The result is fantastic. Hope somebody comes up with a safer and easy to use product to handle this post process.

What do you mean safer? It doesn’t get much safer than this…the guy on the blog even shows “worst-case scenario”, and it’s pretty tame.

Also: From Wikipedia- EPA EPCRA Delisting (1995). EPA removed acetone from the list of “toxic chemicals” maintained under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA). In making that decision, EPA conducted an extensive review of the available toxicity data on acetone and found that acetone “exhibits acute toxicity only at levels that greatly exceed releases and resultant exposures”, and further that acetone “exhibits low toxicity in chronic studies”.

I mean a device for novice users. As stated in the article ( the acetone vapor can explode if not being carefull.

No, it cannot “explode” - Here’s pretty much all acetone can do, as far as ignition

Thanks for sharing.

Are you also using acetone treatment?

@Ibrahim_Kocaalioglu I have in the past, yes. Both active and passive approaches.

So you are not using it anymore? Why did you stop doing it?

Because I don’t do “artsy” prints. Most of the time I’m doing functional prints that have no reason to be pretty.