The quadrap looks like a great printer.

The quadrap looks like a great printer. Is there is a bill of materials to see what kind of parts people use for it? Thanks!

Mine is available here:
Additionally, the whole printer is made available in Onshape (CAD Online), at the following address:
Look for Black Panther for more specific information within this thread.

@Michael_Memeteau Do you have any video with the aquarium pump cooling the printhead?

@Michael_Memeteau ok thank you!

Hi @Ted_Huntington ! I’m not totally satisfied with the aquarium pump solution as it turns into a major source of noise, which is quite the opposite of the final objective (reduction in weight and inertia and increase in silence). When I’ll have time, I’ll try to rehaul the pump to see if I can get more airflow and less noise (from the vibrating solenoid). Also, the quality of the plastic housing is quite low and it came already brittle and broken from the factory.

Hi @Michael_Memeteau !
I am mostly interested in your use of sliding components- v slot extrusion, carbon rods, etc.- things like hot end, extruder, electronics are of less importance to me- I am mostly interested in the mechanical design.

@Ted_Huntington I forgot to mention where to find the QuadArc in Onshape (where you can export the STL from…)

ok awesome thanks!