The power of LaserWeb and smoothie.

The power of LaserWeb and smoothie. Baltic Birch 200/100

Very Nicely done!

Lookin good. What is your beam diameter set to?

0.15 I beleive.

Looks like you’ve got your settings nailed spot-on for perfect gradient. Nice work Ariel.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty How did you come up with the beam diameter number? And is your 200/100 means you ran at 200mm/s 100% power?

@K1111 ​ the actual diameter for this laser is technically 0.1 if I’m not mistaken. From various test I have done in the past 0.15 gave me almost the best but still in a case like this you can the pass lines. 200/100 was the white to black speed on LaserWeb. Power was 50% from 15mA

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty (null) Does beam diameter affect vector cutting or only rastering?

Both… For cutting it is effectively your kerf, whereas in rastering you need to use it to ensure you don have gaps (or too much overlap) in the image…

@CescoAiel what I don’t understand is how that’s controllable via software at all. Is it actually changing the width of the beam?

@CescoAiel or is beam diameter like step over?

@K1111 its not. This is the same as the spacing on Corel. Its changed the gcode to acomodate that spacing

@K1111 It basically changes the spacing in the movements on the Y-axis. The beam diameter will only physically change based on your lens/focal point (Z-axis). So if you are precisely in focus (50.8mm on our stock lenses) then you will have the smallest beam diameter possible. You should set your Beam-Diameter parameter to whatever the actual spot size comes out as based on how in or out of focus you have the material.