The Noob Knob.  This is my first share with thingiverse,

The Noob Knob.
This is my first share with thingiverse, and my first object with threads.

Seems like a derivative of

@David_Forrest You’re joking right?

@Jay_Couture Yep, sorry. It is a nice knob, much nicer than thing:8, and really doesn’t deserve my joke response.

I was thinking about yet-another-knob on thingiverse, the utter uselessness of many things on thingiverse, (e.g., thing:44464 is my current least favorite), how awful search is there, and how “Noob” first-posts contribute to its lack of usability.

Will things like or end up being better general purpose alternatives?

Nothing wrong with thingiverse, just signal is hard find in the noise. Filter failure.

A version of GitHub with rendering and image support would be great.

@Matt_Joyce Re filter failure: I noticed that you can search Thingiverse for 1/4-20 threads with a non-advanced search for 1/4-20 but that escaping format doesn’t work for the advanced searches.

So we were all noobs at one time and we were very pleased with our creations and the platform that allowed us to share them with others. I agree, this object does not deserve your joke response, but there are more than enough f’ing iphone covers you can lash out at :slight_smile:

I used to visit Thingiverse at least once a day. Now I only visit if someone provides a link due to the flood of “customized” objects.

Thank you all for the feedback, @David_Forrest ouch! Clearly this is all good information and I will use the suggestions in future published designs. Funny, I did a search for knobs but never noobs. I just thought it was a clever name but come to find out it’s not clever and only disruptive to the flow of the Thingiverse.