The new version of Josef Prusa 's reprap calculator includes full-step layer height calculation. 

The new version of @Josef_Prusa 's reprap calculator includes full-step layer height calculation.

Do you approve? :slight_smile: Any other requests?

I clicked on the link expecting to request that, but found that it was already there.

Something that will be more challenging, but would be nice to see is a calculation of the maximum speed for your step rates and processor clock speed. This will have to include variables for the extruder and flow rate (which is calculated from several other variables in modern slicers), because I’ve had prints slow down perceptibly because the processor couldn’t keep up with the E axis step rate (1/32 microstepping on a 14:1 geared extruder on Marlin at 16 Mhz).

Ah great! I will ask Evdz for formulas for marlin

What’s the spec for the z-screw on the makerbot replicator? Google isn’t being helpfull besides “TOM is acme 3/16”

In the machines.xml file it’s an “Acme Lead Screw Tr8x8(P2)”.

and the full step length is actually spelled out in as well


My AO-100 Z-axis has 3/8"-12 ACME leadscrews. Would you mind adding that to your calculator Josef? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Josef_Prusa Might want to add an “other” option where someone can put in their own pitch either in millimeters or threads/inch, to cover all possible options. The list did look a little light on options to me.


hi josef :D, i did this calculation. im not sure if it makes sense if yours can do the same.
( to include forces for belt type confirmation)

i use M16 leadscrew :smiley: (my Z height is 950mm) 2mm per rotation, this lead screw is coupled to a 22tooth XL pulley, which is then turned by a 13tooth. :D. there are 4 threads, 2 are coupled to 1 NEMA23. :smiley: