The new RUMBA board works nicely,

The new RUMBA board works nicely, the cabeling is so much better than with RAMPS and i realy like the side terminals. The neccesary changes to Marlin were minor. I like the LEDs as well, it’s very easy to see now what is going on.

Good to hear. I can’t wait to actually get one of my own. Tri-extruder just sounds like a fun thing to try.

Are these available to the general public now or is it for indigogo sponsors only?

Not yet generally available, but i got a prototype since two of the people involved in the project are at the ffm hackerspace with me. The one i ordered via indiegogo will come later this month i hope.

Very cool. I feel like there’s room in the market for something like this but at the other end of the complexity scale. Seems like there are some very cool super-capable electronics out there but I’d love to see the same approach used to create a very simple and basic set of inexpensive Reprap electronics, just enough for the three axis & one extruder and inexpensive.