The Mistress has entered production I'm minting challenge coins for our upcoming Pinewood Derby.

The Mistress has entered production

I’m minting challenge coins for our upcoming Pinewood Derby. Any scout who’s car beats the Cubmaster’s wins one.

Printer’s been going all night, done 5 coins with nary a failure…what’s odd is: I haven’t had to do much of anything the the glass. Printed a Minion this morning (2 hour print) and the coins tonight, and I haven’t had to reapply hairspray.

Hairspray? You use Hairspray on your glass?

Two comments, besides nicely done! They look like possibly you are printing a tad hot, and also under extruding. Have you calibrated your extruder?

I use Aqua Net for PLA and ABS. Works great. I will lightly mist the glass after every print and occasionally clean the glass and start with a fresh coat.

@Logan_Farr is that a file glass pun? Or a serious question you would like answered?

@Clint_O_Connor yeah, you’re seeing some of the early prints, I’ll make several extras and pick and choose from the best. There’s also two colors of blue filament.

Great use of the printer! Kids will think they are extra cool.

@D_Rob It was a serious question. Haha. I’ve heard of the ABS juice, glue sticks, and painter’s tape, but I haven’t heard of someone using hairspray.

Yeah a lot of people do. It weekend with pla and abs. you need really cheap stuff that has no oils or scents. Best on glass. I use mostly abs so abs juice is what I use.