The madness goes on...

The madness goes on… Not sure it will work (not printed yet), but this is more or less what I was idealising in my twisted mind. I straitened the filament path (radius is now 70 instead of 40) and added a conical thread to tighten the two halves. #flint #qr #doubleforce #flintstruder

Onshape master!

Thanks, but for the first time, I think I hit the limit of what practically doable with Onshape. I had some trouble modelling the conical thread and some combinations were giving some trouble. Even the stl file had some trouble being parsed correctly. Printing right now. Anxious to see the result.

First iteration a little too tight. I’ll try to modify and re-print only the ring. Let’s see…

Very cool idea. With a scale on that ring, you could have adjustable and repeatable bite.

Yes @Dale_Dunn , that was in the plan… But I need to get it right first. In particular, since the thread is conical also on the ring, I should also find a way to help user to indicate the correct side for insertion. A scale could also improve that part… Thanks!

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