The Lumiere light festival is happening in London right now.

(Robert Atkins) #1

The Lumiere light festival is happening in London right now. I thought I’d go along and participate:

(Marc Miller) #2

Excellent as always @Robert_Atkins ​.

(Andrew Tuline) #3

Well, that is pretty awesome.

(John Oatham) #4

Excellent coat! I’m hoping to get up to Lumiere tomorrow, and there’s also a Winter Lights art exhibition happening at Canary Wharf in London, not as well publicised but it looks good, with 18 major installations, hoping to go there en-route to the city. Quite a lot to fit in in one evening, shame that the Canary Wharf exhibition wasn’t planned for a different date.

(Lee Jones) #5

Amazing! Likewise, A Lumiere visit for me tomorrow too!

(Robert Atkins) #6

Come and say hello if you see me—we’re doing Lumiere again tonight with some other friends (in town, not King’s Cross), and probably Canary Wharf on Wednesday or Thursday.

(Leon Yuhanov) #7

@Robert_Atkins Looking good mate!

(John Oatham) #8

@Robert_Atkins I kept an eye out for you but no luck spotting you in the crowds - was surprised just how many people were there! Got to see most of the London installations, and Canary Wharf too; Canary Wharf was far more relaxed as there weren’t that many people about, so it was possible to sit and watch without being pushed by crowds or herded by overzealous marshals. I must say that looking at all of the installations, they are good, but I think a lot of work I’ve seen on the FastLed community outshines them by far.

(Robert Atkins) #9

Haven’t made it to Canary Wharf yet but gotta say I wasn’t really impressed by many of the pieces. The benches in Berkley Square were nice and the piece above Oxford Circus was the standout, but nothing else really impressed me much.