The latest version 1.95 json server windows 386 version gets caught by the windows

The latest version 1.95 json server windows 386 version gets caught by the windows antivirus software with a Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.A!cl alert. I went back to 1.94 without a problem.

What doesn’t make sense about that is the Go code is compiled on an Ubuntu virtual machine using Go’s cross-compiler which generates the windows binaries. The script auto-uploads the code direct to Github releases. I can’t see any way a virus would get into these executables. You can always build on your own too.

so strange… I tried this on two different windows 10 machines with the latest Windows defender. Could you test it and make sure I didn’t make a mistake?

Yeah, I am seeing Windows Defender saying that exe is bad. I’ve never run the 386 version actually. I’ve only tested the 64-bit version. That one works fine. The error message says “unwanted software” which could just be because it’s not a signed exe, but neither is the 64-bit version. I wonder if this happens on all Go compiled 386 apps?

Just to throw one more comment into the mix, the 1.94 386 version does not trigger the trojan issue. I am running this on an intel compute stick win32 bit for my tinyg. This seems like an issue after a recent update to windows defender because I was running the 1.95 executable fine until today.

And thanks for checking that I’m not losing my mind

The 1.94 version will be fine for your needs, but would you be up for trying to compile the 1.95 version on Windows?

If it works for you without a virus alert, I could add that to the repo on Github instead of the current one.

I’ll try to give it a shot this weekend, I haven’t really tried to set up compiling on that 32bit machine yet. I don’t think it would be tough to do. I built my SMW3d cnc ox with the tinyg last year and I have recently put it in my lab and am trying to teach my students to use it. I’m mostly planning to use it to make patterns for metal casting, here’s a link to some blog posts that I’m playing with

I’ve been really enjoying everything you’ve done… A big thank you!!

Oh, you can compile a 32-bit binary from a 64-bit machine. So just use your Windows 10 laptop perhaps.

And thank you for the kudos. It’s not just me. Lots of folks have contributed to ChiliPeppr. It’s a great open source ecosystem.