The LaserWeb test rig parts should arrive in the next week.

The LaserWeb test rig parts should arrive in the next week. A big thanks to @Scott_Thorne , @Alex_Krause , and @Mark_Carew_OpenBuild for all their help in making this a reality. I have started a build log over at ( if you are interested in following its progress.

Looking forward to following along with the build progress and seeing how the testing works out. Thank you @funinthefalls for taking the time to build this rig and help make #LaserWeb the best it can be!

The parts from OpenBuilds are going to make this a solid, strong and most importantly, easy to configure mechanically, test rig. Can’t wait to start working with the V-slot products for the first time. The more I research, read, and absorb about them , the more intrigued I become. They are such an elegant solution to motion control machines. I wish they would have existed 25 years ago when I built my first CNC router with my father for our business. A pitifull 18" x 24" travel that cost over $10,000 to make.

Thank you for the kind words about OpenBuilds Anthony. (: Like you, I also wished these parts were around back when I was dumpster diving behind machine shops to get the parts needed to build one of my first CNC machines. The need was there and so we filled it as affordable as possible with high quality parts. OpenBuilds is dedicated to making sure that Builders everywhere have the opportunity to build anything they can dream!