The largest engraving I've done so far, ~160mm x 130mm. 7mA@400mm/s.

The largest engraving I’ve done so far, ~160mm x 130mm. 7mA@400mm/s.

That turned out wonderful. Is this with stock hard/software or have you switched to LaserWeb?

Air assist + new lens, otherwise stock hardware. Corel X5 + stock CorelLasr.

I realized after I did it that I forgot to adjust the height, I had it set for 3mm but this was 1/4". So it probably could have been a little crisper, but still looks pretty good.


One of my favourite pictures, I’ll have to make one for myself now. Thanks for sharing, David.

Nicely done. Are you an astronomy fan? That image is actually the APOD for today.

Hah, I didn’t notice that! Nice timing. :slight_smile: