The Kickstarter dongle kit is here and I'm really impressed,

The Kickstarter dongle kit is here and I’m really impressed, not only did I get the fully built dongle but Jerome Miles sent me out one in kit form as well. There is a small problem though as my Dad order it as a gift for Christmas and he ordered the Linux version and not the Windows one. After a short email conversation with Jerome, he passed on the information to sort out the problem. All I will need to do is move one of the shorting resistors on the circuit board and that will switch between the Linux and Windows firmware contained on the chip. Jerome has even said that he is willing to send out, free of charge, two new white button sheets to finish the conversion. Customer service as good as that is very hard to find. As soon as the conversion is done and the new buttons are on, I’ll post the conversion process and a full product review. First impressions…really good. Can’t wait to get her plumbed in to the machine.

Yes, no problem, here you go…

Any problems with this pendant thus far?

Not played with it yet as I’ve other, more pressing, projects to complete before I can concentrate on the additions to my machine. As soon as I get it running (post modification to sort out the firmware) I’ll get a video and full review uploaded.

sounds good

I have never ordered from kickstarter - do you pledge? I’d rather purchase, it’s all about time management right now

Yes, that’s right It was a pledge that my father made that secured me a dongle/pendant from Kickstarter for my birthday.

Excellent, message has been sent to Jason Miles, hopefully I can get my dirty hands on one. A wireless X Box controller doesn’t sound as solid as this product

As it stands right now, Jerome is selling the Jog it! on ebay only. $45, and looks like they’ll ship quickly. I have a few users who are recent converts and won’t stop talking about how great they work. I still havent’ pulled the trigger, but looking to do so soon.