The HOLD! button is not working. It sends 'undefined' instead of !.

The HOLD! button is not working. It sends ‘undefined’ instead of !.
I am using /jpadie and grbl 1.1f. The machine does not stop until I type and send ! manually.

Would you be open to editing the Javascript code and then doing a pull request on Github? That may be a super easy fix to get that button to send the correct command.

I’ve pushed a minor fix for this. please test and report back.

No change yet for the HOLD! functionality. I even cleared my cache and tried again.
I also discovered every time I reset my board, the setting $13 gets set back to $13=1. This means ChiliPepr is forcing units to inch for reporting, but then fudging because it reads the inches as mm. I have confirmed this is not a problem during reset from the Arduino IDE.

In the jpadie workspace the reporting from the board is forced to match the workspace. So if your workspace is in inches so should reporting be. However if your gcode is in mm or you send a G20/21 that will, in turn, force the workspace to display in those units and the board to report in those units.

That’s the idea anyway.

Can you open a js console and run this query $(’.grbl-feedhold’).data(‘command’);

js console just reports ‘undefined’ when I run that.
I tried correcting the units by pressing your in/mm button, I LOL when it set $13=1 for mm and $13=0 for inches. That’s backwards. The $13 setting is UseInchesBoolean. I have to set the in/mm button to mm, then manually send $13=0 to square it away.

Really? That’s very odd Josh. There was a pull for that inversion months ago.
I will take another look.
I’ve just refreshed my browser and can see the data setting is sticking for the feedhold. Can you check that again? I can’t test with a board as I’m a thousand miles away from my nearest duino…

Well I didn’t know /jpadie existed before monday, so I shouldn’t have old code problems. I will test again.

Now both work. Cool. I just open /jpadie, choose grbl from the dropdown, connect, and push play. The movement is correctly shown, and HOLD! even works. Whatever you did worked. Thanks!
Also, I was wondering if it was normal that the firmware type (grbl) is not remembered?

Cool. I think an old commit must have been moved to head somehow.

The grbl version is detected from the init string sent by the card. The workspace caters for grbl 0.9 and grbl1.1 so it can’t decide how to parse data until it knows the version type. Then it adds some UI hinting.

I can probably make that more refined by testing some responses with a regex.

That makes sense. Thanks again for the great support. Later :slight_smile: