The gear bearing print has always eluded me on my corexy.

The gear bearing print has always eluded me on my corexy. Printed first try on the Eustathios. I have said it before but I will say it again: thanks @Tim_Rastall and @Jason_Smith . This printer is amazing.

Plus I printed a side mount interchangeable diameter spool holder. Works slick. I will get the new flange mount added up to my other files on repables. The flange mounts to the side of the printer connected to the two horizontal aluminum extrusions.

@Eric_LeFort PLA.

On a side note has anyone noticed the “processing” on videos on google plus takes a lot longer than it used to? What used to take minutes takes much longer now.

How much total did it cost you to build your printer? I want to build an ingentis but don’t know if it is possible because of costs.

I haven’t added it up yet. I am kind of afraid to. Probably $900. But misumi first $150 took some of the pain away :slight_smile:

I will be dialing in the BOM over the next month for documentation of the printer. @Jason_Smith was nice enough to make me a contributor on his github. I will be creating fully dimensioned prints and models (Solidworks, step, & stl). I have never done this before so it should be fun.

There are areas where money could be saved. 8mm fine all-thread vs leadscrews (my corexy ran this way for months with zero z banding). No heated bed. Chinese ramps and no LCD. Raw extrusions versus Misumi precut. Etc. But I will say the precut from Misumi are awesome because it does take the precision tools needed down a notch.