The first issue of the RepRap Magazine has a great article for newcomers to

(Thomas Sanladerer) #1

The first issue of the RepRap Magazine has a great article for newcomers to get a general idea of what it takes to build and run a 3D printer (page 38).
Also included is a writeup of typical Z-axis artifacts and how to get rid of them (page 29).
Furthermore, it features a comparison of todays slicers, helping you choose the one that is right for your type of prints (page 14). Note that slicers often advance in leaps - especially Cura, which has been completely rewritten since then and is now one of the most modern and efficient slicers out there.

(Erik de Bruijn) #2

Loved reading it. Note you’re pointing people to the review of slicers. The Cura version reviewed there is from 2012, now in September this is an ‘ancient’ version. Now Cura has a fully redesigned GUI and a 100% rewritten-slicing Engine. Not only is that 50-100 times faster, it’s also very fast evolving and maintainable code (and @Ultimaker , who sponsored 95% of the development has made all of it open source).

(Thomas Sanladerer) #3

@Erik_de_Bruijn thanks for pointing that out - i keep forgetting how awesome Cura has become.
Added to the post.

(Erik de Bruijn) #4

Thanks, glad you like it. We hope to keep the rate of development up! We’ll release a new version somewhere before the end of the month.

(Marcus Wolschon) #5

Looks like I should finally get up and have a look at Cura. (I’m a dinosaur who is still using Replicator G because I don’t touch a working system)
What do I have to tell Cura about the G-codes my printer supports? (e.g. retraction and heated beds use different M-codes on different printers)

(Erik de Bruijn) #6

@Marcus_Wolschon , is your printer 5D? Which brand/model?

(Marcus Wolschon) #7

RepMan 3.2 (3.0 mechanics, definately not 5D),

ThingOMatic with Sailfish firmware (I THINK it is 5D),
stripping the ToM to use my second CNC for the job (extruder as A-axis = 4D) and just use the ToM interface kit to set a temperature manually.

Waiting for a Makibox (no idea if it’s 5D)